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Advancing Equity at ASA


The John A. Hartford Foundation is collaborating with ASA to advance equity in aging by supporting ASA RISE, a 20-week social justice and leadership program for rising leaders of color in aging, and via the development and dissemination of equity-related, partnership-based thought leadership through ASA’s Generations platform.

Listed below are the posts that have run in this series.

Five Ways Congress Can Reduce Health Disparities Among Older Adults
By Ryann Hill

ASA RISE Fellow and SCAN Health Plan Senior Policy Advisor Ryann Hill on lessons policymakers learned on health disparities from the pandemic and actions Congress can take to make those insights a reality for older adults.

Our Pledge to Support Diverse Talent in the Field of Aging
By Marcus Escobedo and Teffin Benedict

The John A. Hartford Foundation Vice President, Communications and Senior Program Officer Marcus Escobedo and Health and Aging intern Teffin Benedict detail why their foundation chose to support the ASA RISE program.

ASA RISE: Powering Change Through a Brave Space
By Sarah Galvan

ASA RISE Fellow and Generations Journal Editorial Advisory Board Member Sarah Galvan on why she chose to participate in ASA RISE and how she uses the “brave space” the fellowship provides.

ASA RISE: Connecting the Dots Between Caregiving, DEI Work and Aging
By Julia Yarbough

Talent coach, communications consultant and Emmy-Award–winning broadcast journalist Julia Yarbough reveals how her personal caregiving journey opened her eyes to the importance of DEI work in aging.

What I Think of When I Think of Juneteenth
By Patrice L. Dickerson

Patrice Dickerson, director of Programs & Thought Leadership at ASA and ASA RISE lead, describes all the ways in which Juneteenth rings true to her.

ASA RISE Mentorship and What it Means to Me
By Jennifer Horn

Care planner and ASA RISE Fellow Jennifer Horn on how critical it can be to have a mentor who looks like you and speaks like you and understands how it is to move through your world.

A Model Mentoring Match
by Alison Biggar

Tech industry veteran Keri Vogtmann and Jennie Chin Hansen, who has spent decades working in aging, speak to the value of the relationship-based nature of the ASA RISE mentorship program.

Cultural Humility Call to Action
by Kelly Loeb

Older Adult Care Manager and ASA RISE Fellow Kelly Loeb on why words matter, especially when it concerns health equity and BIPOC populations.

From Surviving, to Flourishing, to Nourishing
by Zaire Sims

Meals on Wheels Service Coordinator Zaire Sims on how being homeless taught her critical lessons in serving others.

Midterm Elections: How Will Outcomes Impact Health Equity?
by Ryann Hill

ASA RISE alumna Ryann Hill, who works at the intersection of politics and public policy, shares her opinion on how the midterms would impact efforts toward heath equity.

More Support for Family Caregivers Available Via the RAISE Act Roadmap
by Ocean Le

Ocean Le, an ASA RISE alum, shares how finding funding opportunities for services and support is easier via the RAISE Act Roadmap.

Embracing Diversity Through a Multicultural Lens
by Michelle Matter

ASA RISE Fellow Michelle Matter on how she came to embrace her Filipino culture and see herself as a diverse leader in the aging field, while better understanding inequities in aging.

Learning the Ways of Strategic Disruption at ASA RISE

by Maurice Haskins

ASA RISE Fellow and medical social worker Maurice Haskins on the knowledge he gained through the program on how one might strategically disrupt the field of aging.