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Best Practice Caregiving, which features approximately 50 evidence-based, dementia caregiving programs is a new easy-to-use resource for health and social service organization decision makers and funders to learn about and compare a diverse array of evidence-based programs designed to meet the needs of caregivers of people living with dementia. This session will highlight insights gained from examining the differences among the programs included, user perspectives and feedback, and the plan for sustainability.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Experience the functionality and content of Best Practice Caregiving and how it helps with decisions about new programs to implement.
  • Understand the types of programs that are displayed and highlight some of the differences between programs as well as the gaps in programs.
  • Learn feedback from users of the online resource and what enhancements can be made for future updates.
  • Learn how the online resource is being marketed, evaluated, updated, and sustained.


David Bass, PhD, Senior Vice President, Senior research Scientist, and Director, Center for Research and Education, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Alyssa Ciancibello, MPH, Research Analyst, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging

Leah Eskenazi, MSW, Director, Operations, Family Caregiver Alliance

Kathleen Kelly, MPA, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

Albert Martinez, MFA, Communications Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

Rachel Schaffer, MPH, Research Analyst, Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging