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Part of the Aging and Disability Business Institute Series—a Collaboration of n4a and ASA.

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*ASWB CE Credit Changes 2018: Beginning September 25, 2018, ASA will no longer be able to  issue ASWB CE credits for recorded web seminar attendance. You can only claim ASWB CE credit if you watch “Building and Financing Sustainable Partnerships between Healthcare and Community-based Organizations” at 10:00 AM PT on June 19, 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience. This change is due to ASWB ACE Provider distance learning requirements. 

If you require ADA accommodation to participate in this web seminar, please contact Steve Moore at your earliest convenience to make arrangements –

This web seminar will inform CILs (Centers for Independent Living) and other CBOs (Community-Based Organizations) about partnering with health plans and payers and how it can help to diversify the funding and building of self-sustaining programs. The presenters have first-hand knowledge of how working with health plans and payers provides an opportunity to serve more people, provide more comprehensive services and position organizations as advocates for services for the disability community. Additionally, presenters will address challenges often encountered by CILs and CBOs seeking to contract with or contracting with health plans and payers, as a way to discuss strategies to address and overcome challenges.   

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Describe how working with health plans and payers can build self-sustaining programs for CILs;
  • Identify the benefits to CILs and CIL consumers in contracting with health plans and payers;
  • Describe challenges CILs and other CBOs might face when partnering with health plans and discuss potential strategies to overcome obstacles; and,
  • Describe the initial steps to building relationships and partnering with state agencies.


Suzanne%20Crisp.jpgSuzanne Crisp is a senior advisor for Public Partnership and has more than 30 years’ experience working with Medicaid home- and community-based services.




Richard%20Petty.jpgRichard Petty, MBA, is co-director of ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization) and director of the National Center for Aging and Disability at TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research). For almost 20 years, he has directed independent living and technical assistance programs at ILRU, and leads training and technical assistance activities for disability-oriented community organizations in the Aging and Disability Business Institute, with ILRU’s partners at the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, and chairs the Institute’s Disability and Aging Work Group.

Audrey%20Schremmer%20Photo.jpegAudrey Schremmer has been the executive director of Three Rivers, Inc. (3Rivers) for more than 20 years and began contracting with health payers shortly after joining the CIL. She has worked closely with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to develop contracts to provide mission-based services to Kansans with disabilities, and 3Rivers achieved their goal of funding diversification using contracts with MCOs as an important revenue stream.



The Aging and Disability Business Institute is funded by:


The Administration for Community Living

The John A. Hartford Foundation

The SCAN Foundation


The Evidence-Based Leadership Council

Meals on Wheels America


National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a)

Independent Living Research Utilization/National Center for Aging and Disability

The American Society on Aging

Partners in Care Foundation

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley/Healthy Living Center of Excellence.

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