Cultivating Mindfulness for Engaged and Resilient Care

Start time
10:00 AM (Pacific)
End time
11:00 AM (Pacific)

Presented by ASA’s Mental Health and Aging Network (MHAN)

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This seminar will teach the core principles of mindfulness practice, and its application to caregiving. Specific areas to be covered will be the “therapeutic use of self” in caregiving, mindful communications, a mindful approach to coping with loss and grief experienced in caregiving, and methods for integrating mindfulness into caregiving activities.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Express a basic definition of mindfulness, and explain the quality of the attentive mind, in contrast with the preoccupied mind;
  • Create a plan to integrate “mindful moments” into their experience of caregiving;
  • Name and contrast the “five virtues of mindful communication,” and be prepared to apply one or more in conversation;
  • Explain and contrast self-concept from essential self, and explain how the caregiver’s modeling of essential self can support patients to remain open to the dynamic shifts in self-concept inherent in the experience of chronic or terminal illness; and,
  • Describe the principles of a mindful approach to grief and explain the value of this approach in supporting resilience and well-being.


Photo of Roy RemerRoy Remer has since 1997 been an end-of-life caregiver and educator with Zen Hospice Project. As director of Education and Training, he teaches Mindful Caregiver Education courses and facilitates mindful grief support workshops and Open Death Conversations.