Hiding in Plain Sight: Older Adults' Benefits Trafficking

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1:00 PM Pacific
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2:00 PM Pacific

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Benefits trafficking is an emerging crime that targets older adults and adults with disabilities for the purpose of gaining access to their monthly benefits and/or life savings. Georgia is to first state to legislate this crime and has worked to spread awareness across the state and country on this matter. In this session, we will discuss how Georgia has taken steps to protect older adults from victimization through training, multidisciplinary teams and holistic response tools.

Participants of this web seminar will be able to:

  • Recognize Benefits Trafficking as a type of Human Trafficking targeting aging and disabled populations,Understand the purpose of Georgia's Benefits Trafficking legislation
  • Identify signs of victimization of an older adult by means of Benefits Trafficking,
  • Determine appropriate referral and response partner agencies, and
  • Demonstrate the investigation and response protocol implemented by Georgia to conduct successful multidisciplinary operations and victim relocation/follow-up services.


Lindsay Greenwald MSW Forensic Specialist State of Georgia Division of Aging Services

Anna Thomas CACTS Special Victims Forensic Specialist State of Georgia Division of Aging Services