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On Aging 2023 Speaker Information and FAQ page


Presentation Slides Template
Poster Presentation Template
Poster Presentation Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions

General Information


  • Conference dates are March 27–30, 2023 and will be in person in Atlanta.
  • All presenters must have an active membership to attend and present. You can renew your membership here.
  • If you must withdraw your proposal to present but would still like to attend the conference, you may still register at the presenter rate if you do so before December 16, 2022.
  • ASA does not provide speaker fees or lodging.
  • Conference registration does not include lodging; be sure to book your hotel room at the conference rate using this link.
  • See below for more information on session types and their specific requirements including AV requirements.
  • ASA has contracted with JDC Events as our conference management partner. Please expect emails from them on behalf of ASA.
  • For your convenience, we have provided conference branded templates for you to use, however use of the presentation slide template and the poster slide template is not required.


Questions? Contact Presenter Support.
Please reference your submission number to speed up response!

Important Dates

June 15, 2022: Online portal opens for proposal submissions.

August 1, 2022: Online portal closes for proposal submissions.

August 1, 2022: Preregistration rate of $425 closes.

August 8, 2022: Proposals given to peer reviewers.

September 26, 2022: Proposal acceptances announced.

December 16, 2022: All presenters must be registered.

January–March, 2023: ASA website regularly updated with presenter guidance and conference agenda.

March 27–30, 2023: On Aging 2023!

Conference Format

ASA is committed to offering our attendees a safe and beneficial experience at On Aging 2023. The conference will be in-person in Atlanta, Georgia. ASA will follow safety guidance on public gatherings. There will be no virtual conference experience for 2023.

Presenter Registration Fees

As a show of gratitude, all presenters are offered a reduced registration rate of $495 if they register by December 16, 2022. Rates and session schedule availability may change after this date.

All presenters must be registered by December 16, 2022, or will risk loss of their scheduled session time.

Please note that conference attendance is a benefit of ASA membership. To attend On Aging 2023, your ASA membership must be current as of March 27, 2023.

Statement on Diversity

ASA is committed to strengthening the skills of our members and others who work with, and on behalf of, older adults. Diversity, equity and inclusion are hallmarks of ASA’s culture, and the filter used in our work.

By participating as part of ASA’s On Aging Conference program community, all presenters are expected, to the fullest extent possible, to include multicultural and diversity-related content within their presentation(s).  

Examples may include: 

  • Describing differences in service delivery or use in diverse populations;
  • Highlighting needs or preferences among diverse populations;
  • Discussing known or potential access barriers and/or opportunities for improvements for diverse populations;
  • Incorporating culturally appropriate outreach and education strategies;
  • Presenting research findings based on samples drawn from diverse populations and backgrounds;
  • Providing recommendations for needed research, programming, policies or innovative approaches to serve diverse populations more effectively.

On Aging 2023 Tracks

 Click a track, below, to view topics. Or, click here to download a PDF version of the tracks and topics.

  • Apps, Social Media, Online Programs, Software
  • Innovative Devices & Hardware
  • Co-Design
  • Health IT/Telehealth
  • Privacy/Data Sharing
  • Tech Policy & Advocacy Issues
  • Education, Training & Resource-Sharing
  • Access & Connectivity Issues
  • Other Related Topics
  • Age-Friendly/Livable Communities
  • Community Planning & Development
  • Disabilities & Accessibility
  • Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
  • Home- & Community-Based Services
  • Housing
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Rural Aging
  • Senior Centers
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Universal Design
  • Other Related Topics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Staff Planning
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Staff Building, Development and Planning
  • Technology Strategies
  • Management & Leadership skill building
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Age-Inclusive Human Resources Strategies
  • Adult Day Services
  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias
  • Chronic Care
  • End-of-Life & Palliative Care
  • Family Caregiving
  • Homecare Services/Products
  • Long-Term Care
  • Paid Caregiving Workforce
  • Supported Living
  • Training
  • Other Related Topics
  • Impact on Low-Income Housing Zones
  • Fire Rates
  • Emergency Evacuation Planning
  • Effects of Extreme Temperatures on Population
  • Access to Water
  • Cost of Food
  • Other Related Topics
  • Health & Healthcare Economics
  • Economic Development & Planning
  • Business Development
  • Social Security
  • Financial Literacy
  • Workforce Issues in Aging Services, Healthcare, Long-Term Care, etc.
  • Education, Training, Micro-Credentialing
  • Longevity Economy
  • 50+ Marketplace
  • Mentorship
  • Older Adult Workforce
  • Ageism in the Workplace
  • Retirement Planning/Finances
  • Income Security
  • Other Related Topics
  • Conservatorships/Guardianships
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Elder Mistreatment
  • Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Elder Justice
  • Estate Planning/Trusts/Wills
  • Financial Abuse/Fraud/Scams
  • Legal Statutes
  • Aging Prisoners
  • Other Related Topics
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Global Aging
  • Indigenous Aging
  • LGBTQ+ Aging
  • Disability Justice
  • Multicultural Aging
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Targeted Programs
  • Other Related Topics
  • Business Acumen
  • Partnerships & Coalitions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operational Innovations
  • Organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
  • Organizational Culture Shift
  • Social Impact Investing
  • Design Thinking
  • Other Related Topics
  • Arts
  • Aging in the Media
  • Brain Fitness/Cognitive Health
  • Creativity & Humanities
  • Civic Engagement
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Longevity
  • Positive Aging
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Social Connectedness
  • Volunteerism
  • Other Related Topics
  • Planning for Equity in Aging
  • New Approaches to Master Plans on Aging
  • Using Master Plans on Aging as a Roadmap for Innovation
  • Behavioral Health Science
  • Careers in Mental Health
  • Clinical Programs/Interventions
  • Interdisciplinary Programs/Interventions
  • Loneliness/Isolation
  • Resilience
  • Happiness
  • Brain Health
  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias
  • Substance Use & Abuse
  • Suicidality
  • Trauma/Trauma-informed Practice
  • Veterans
  • Other Related Topics
  • Clinical Issues/Programs
  • Fall Prevention
  • Health Promotion
  • Hearing and/or Vision Loss
  • Hospitalization Recovery
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapies
  • Oral Health
  • Polypharmacy/Medication Management
  • Readmissions
  • Sexuality & Sexual Health
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Other Related Topics
  • Advocacy Initiatives
  • Affordable Housing
  • Discrimination/Disparities
  • Healthcare Reform 
  • Health Equity
  • Climate Change
  • Impact of Globalization
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Older Americans Act
  • Politics of Aging
  • Social Security
  • State Statutes
  • Infrastructure Policy
  • Partisanship
  • Other Related Topics
  • Collaboration with Faith-based Organizations 
  • Death & Dying
  • Faith-based Communities & Programs
  • Older Adult Ministries
  • Policy (Church/State Relations)
  • Spirituality, Faith & Coping
  • Other Related Topics
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Pandemic Response Policy
  • Equity in Emergency Response

Audio Visual (AV) Setup


Most conference rooms have a standard AV setup which includes a Windows laptop (no DVD), projector, screen, WiFi, and wired microphone for table use. Check format-specific AV set-ups below. If your presentation relies upon internet-based resources, we recommend that you have an alternative presentation methodology planned in the event that internet access from the meeting room may be unexpectedly unavailable. The provided projectors support HDMI input from the supplied computer. If you wish to bring your own computer that does not support HDMI for external displays, please contact us no later than January 15, 2023.

Podiums and alternative microphone arrangements for large panels are available but must be requested by February 1, 2023. Some onsite AV equipment is available for rental at presenters’ expense, but availability on site cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Presenter Support for additional information. Requests must be received by February 1, 2023.


On Aging Conference Session Formats

Poster Sessions take place in the resource center, where presenters stand by a poster highlighting educational content, or a topic related to data, research, evaluation or other themes appropriate for this type of format. Attendees will be notified of the posters available, and depending upon the number of poster presentations requested, multiple session times may be available. A poster template will be provided by ASA, but it is not required.


90-minute Symposia are intensive discussions that focus on broader educational topics, concepts or policies. Presenters come with advanced knowledge of the subject area and contribute different perspectives on big-picture topics such as program trends and innovations, policy and advocacy, changing service models and technologies that are having an impact on aging services and experiences. An interactive dialogue is acceptable, as is a lecture format.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and wired microphone for table use. Podium and alternative microphone arrangement for large panels available upon request.
Number of presenters: Three to seven presenters.
Eligible for Continuing Education programming.


60-minute Workshops are sessions that focus on educational topics or concepts and emphasize innovative models, promising practices, applied research or replicable programs. This format involves a formal presentation and may feature case studies and interactive activities.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and wired microphone for table use. Podium available upon request.
Number of presenters: Two to five presenters.
Eligible for Continuing Education programming.


30-Minute workshops are concise presentations on a topic that is educational or programmatic in nature. ASA will pair 30-minute workshops with sessions of similar interest areas and together the two presentations will be eligible for continuing education programing. ASA staff will coordinate the pairing of sessions. Presenters are not required to coordinate with the other paired session presenters. *Please note that ASA will assign a title for the paired sessions that will reflect the content of both.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and wired microphone for table use. Podium available upon request.
Number of presenters: One to four presenters.
Eligible for Continuing Education programming.


Lightning Round Sessions are 5-minute rapid-fire presentations of your research, intervention, program or advocacy or policy position. Presenters are permitted to have just three slides (template provided by ASA) and the presentations include only the why, what and so-what of the topic. Presenters share the stage with up to 10 others, to share the most exciting and important aspects of their work over the course of an hour, in a fun and engaging way. Presenters will be contacted directly with detailed instructions to prepare for these sessions. ASA staff will combine all slides for the session to ensure simple transitions between presenters.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and wired microphone for table use.
Number of presenters: One presenter, additional individuals can be listed in the session credits.
Not eligible for Continuing Education programming.


Point/Counterpoint Debates  are 60-minute sessions in which a moderator facilitates debate between a panel of expert speakers with different views on a topic or policy position. The topic or policy position is clearly articulated by the moderator, who then invites each speaker to present affirmative, dissenting and/or alternative cases. Time will be allocated for questions from the audience after all sides are presented.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and wired microphone for table use. Podium and alternative microphone arrangement for large panels available upon request.
Number of presenters: Three to seven presenters, including a moderator.
Eligible for Continuing Education programming


On Aging Collaboratives Live (formerly known as Peer Groups) are 60-minute interactive, facilitated discussions or working sessions focused on a specific topic. Participants have the opportunity to brainstorm, network, and/or work alongside other attendees who either share a community of practice or are brought together intentionally due to common interests in specific issues. The facilitator(s) define the topic and goal for the hour and come to the session with a prepared agenda.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi and handheld microphone.
Number of facilitators: One to six facilitators.
Not eligible for Continuing Education programming.


Educational Resource Exchanges are an exciting new opportunity for program leaders and educators to share best practices and resources. Tables will be assigned, and presenters are encouraged to bring paper handouts of example work or resources (QR code use is also encouraged). Information will be limited to nonprofit, government or educational work. The promotion of retail products is not permitted.
No AV included.
Number of presenters: One to two presenters.
Not eligible for Continuing Education programming.


Roundtables take place in an informal setting with presenters and attendees all sitting together. The sessions are consultative, 60-minute discussions for small groups (room for about 10 to 15 participants) organized by topics. A brief presentation of the core educational content is followed by guided discussions and dedicated time for questions and answers. Handouts or QR codes with resources are encouraged, as there is no AV included for Roundtables. For On Aging 2023, Roundtable sessions will be scheduled throughout the conference agenda, and not held simultaneously. Sessions will also take place in smaller rooms, rather than in one large hall.
No AV included.
Number of presenters: One to four presenters.
Not eligible for Continuing Education programming.


Film/Video Sessions include the screening of a film or video,* accompanied by an educational component such as a filmmaker-led discussion, expert panel or small group discussion and Q & A. ASA staff will work with all film sessions to determine the length of time allocated for the session. The film should be brought on an external memory device as a mp4 file, to ensure seamless viewing.
AV included: laptop (does not have internal DVD player), projector, screen, free WiFi, and wired microphone for table use. Podium available upon request.
Number of presenters: One to seven presenters.
*Foreign and U.S.-based short and feature-length narrative, documentary, experimental and animated films are welcome.
Not eligible for Continuing Education programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

The presenter rate is $495 and will be available starting October 4, 2022. In the meantime, if you wish to preregister for the On Aging Conference 2023, you can do so at the discounted rate of $425. The preregistration rate is only available during our call for proposals through August 1, 2022.

ASA is excited to offer our presenters a $100 discount off of the standard rate for On Aging 2023 through December 16, 2022. If you wish to save further, please preregister now, as you will save an additional $70. The preregistration rate is only available during our call for proposals through August 1, 2022. We do not offer scholarships or other discounts to our presenters.

The full schedule of events will be available in October. The final agenda will be available in the winter of 2023.

Yes, as long as you are listed as a beneficiary of that organizational membership. If you require assistance with this, please email Membership Coordinator Rheagan Willis.

Please contact Presenter Support with the information. If adding or changing, please be sure the new speaker has an ASA account. All presenters must be members of ASA and register for the conference.