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Part of the Aging and Disability Business Institute Series—a collaboration of n4a and ASA.

Home- and community-based services can and should be included in the healthcare continuum. One frequently hears from both community-based organizations (CBOs) and healthcare entities that they don’t know how to find, connect and communicate effectively with one another. This web seminar provides practical strategies that can enable CBOs to establish positive working relationships with physician groups, hospitals and health plans. Engaging champions is necessary to form relationships, move a relationship to a pilot or ongoing contract, and ensure the program’s success after the contract has been signed. Different types of champions are needed at different stages of the relationship. Resistance is likely at each stage. This web seminar provides CBOs with typical sources of such resistance and successful strategies to combat it, based on the presenters’ successful efforts.

Participants in this web seminar will be able to:

  • Describe five strategies for building partnerships with healthcare entities, including hospitals, physician groups and health plans;
  • List three ways to find champions to open doors and help cement relationships;
  • Understand four strategies for designing pilot programs to help ensure ongoing contracts later; and,
  • Describe three ways to combat resistance to the idea of contracting with CBOs.


Rob Schreiber, M.D., is medical director of the Healthy Living Center of Excellence, an organization disseminating evidence-based self-management programs throughout Massachusetts. From 2004 to 2012 he was physician-in-chief and chief medical officer of Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, where he helped develop the strategic direction of Hebrew SeniorLife Medical Group in home- and community-based services, long-term care and post acute care. He is a practicing geriatric consultant in a Patient Centered Medical Home for an Accountable Care Organization.
June Simmons, president and CEO of Partners in Care Foundation, has pioneered the development and scaling of innovative, evidence-based interventions for management of medications at home, self-management of chronic conditions, coordinated care to improve health outcomes and care transitions. 

The Aging and Disability Business Institute is funded by:

Administration for Community Living

The John A Hartford Foundation

The SCAN Foundation

The Gary and Mary West Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation

The Marin Community Foundation


National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Independent Living Research Utilization/National Center for Aging and Disability

American Society on Aging

Partners in Care Foundation

Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley/Healthy Living Center of Excellence.

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