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American Society on Aging
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Why Join ASA?

Because you want to:

  • Network, collaborate and grow with other professionals impacting aging;

  • Gain knowledge and training from a trusted educational leader in aging; or

  • Help advocate for policies needed for 2030, when 1 in 5 Americans will be older than 65.

We are an aging society. Every 8 seconds someone turns 65. And while ageist stereotypes would make us believe that all aging looks and feels the same, we know that this is not true.

Since 1954, the American Society on Aging has developed and led the largest, most diverse community of professionals working in aging in America. As we unite, empower and champion our community, we have the unique responsibility to be a strong voice and thought leader on critical systemic issues that influence how we age. As America struggles with how best to respond to the need for greater inclusivity, anti-ageism and equity, ASA sees its responsibility as a leader to drive the discourse and create the change necessary to address these issues in aging.

But we can’t do this important work without you. Our members come from business, nonprofit, academia and government sectors. They are corporate executives and professors, doctors and bankers, activists and researchers, essential workers and corporations, social workers and elected officials, startups and nonprofits, lawyers and caregivers and everyone in between. They represent all 50 states and several foreign countries. As ASA, we all work together to meet our shared goal of improving aging.


ASA unites, empowers and champions everyone striving to improve aging.

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Member Benefits Include


Providing members with networking opportunities that will promote idea-sharing and creative solutions. 



Providing members with trusted resources for continued education.




Providing programs through which members can use their voice to drive social justice issues and policy change in aging.


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